Tracing a Remarkable Life Journey

Life History and Beyond

Charlie Goldsmith, began his journey in 1973 when he enrolled at a St. John's Military Academy. A year later, he found himself back in public school.

Athletic Prowess

In 1976, Charlie redefined his identity by becoming the state champion in wrestling (31-0).

This phase of his life was short-lived as he suffered a ligament injury during his collegiate years in 1978, which put a halt to his athletic pursuits. At the time he tore his ligament, he was (17-0) in the NCAA.

The Biker and Street Brawler

1984 marked a significant year in Charlie's life as he joined the Sinners Motorcycle Club. The same year, he participated in the Tough Man Competition, indulging in the thrill of street brawling.

Kickboxing and the Hell's Angels

Charlie's journey took another turn in 1986 when he joined BKA Kickboxing. A couple of years later, in 1994, Charlie fought a super heavyweight title bout and knocked out his opponent in the 2nd round.

In 1991, he left the Sinners then in '94 joined the notorious Hell's Angels (Minnesota).

Move to San Francisco

In 2000, "PeeWee" moved to San Francisco and cemented his place in the Hell's Angels community.

Venture Into Bodyguard Services

In 2002, Charlie helped establish a charter in Vegas and took up the role of transporting celebrities and providing bodyguard services.

Also, during this time he was involved with Hollywood as a teamster and made an appearance in "Think Like a Man 2".

Legal Challenges and Retirement

The year 2008 saw "PeeWee" getting into a brawl with another motorcycle club that led to his arrest and subsequent prison sentence from '14-16.

After another arrest in 2010, he left the Hell's Angels that came with a $100,000 bond. "PeeWee" was released from prison in 2016 and retired from the Teamsters in 2018.